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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

I love photographing kids!

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Happy kids. Grumpy kids. Sleepy kids. Silly kids. It makes no difference to me. Kids are simply a joy to be around and they help curb my random bouts of baby fever.

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I love to see their personalities shine through while reassuring a concerned mom the session went great.

Milestone sessions are a great way to document those personality shifts! Think about it... kids, they grow up pretty quick. So quick, we tend push those moody frowns aside as we go about the day to day because they’re often unpleasant.

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But when your little grows up, and is entering the preteen years (like mine) you’ll look back on those cherished sessions full of tear stained cheeks, disheveled hair, and snaggle toothed grins and remember a time when you could calm their worlds with a hug, kiss and reassuring word.

Don’t let the imperfections, and mismatched outfits stop you from capturing those memories. Because one day you’ll look up and realise all you have is an empty home and a heart full of memories.

Let Gray Manor Photography help you make those keepsakes more precious...we offer prints and albums, canvases as well as memorabilia like keychains and cell phone covers.

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